Amazing New Guide Written by CPA and Real Estate Investor, Ted Lanzaro, Reveals How You Can Save Thousands in Taxes Each Year, Every Year on Your Real Estate Investments

Ted Lanzaro is "The Tax Smart Landlord". For the past 24 years, his CPA Firm has saved its Real Estate Investor clients thousands and thousands of dollars every year on their taxes.

He's now taken the same Real Estate Investment specific tax advice he uses on behalf of his clients and boiled it down into a comprehensive and easy-to-read 107 page guide.

When you add a tax-minimization viewpoint to your real estate investment efforts you make better decisions buying, selling and maintaining your real estate.

This gives you an unfair advantage against other Investors in your area.

The end result: Less taxes, better cash flow, a richer real estate portfolio and less hassle!


Inside this Guide You'll Discover:

A Little-Known Method to Legally Accelerate Depreciation So You Save Thousands Per Year, Every Year on Every Property You Own

Leverage Tax Credits to Gain an Unfair Advantage in Bidding Against Other Real Estate Investors

The Proper Entity Structure to AVOID Rental Property Audits

​Get Office and Employment Based Tax Deductions and Use Strategic Expenses to Lower Your Tax Bill While Simultaneously Increasing Your Family’s Quality of Life

When Should You Use an Installment Sale and Why? (From a tax reduction standpoint)

Two Amazing Methods to Defer Taxable Gains While Also Increasing Cash Flow

Should You Own the Building Your Run Your Business From?

Plus, a whole lot more!